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Annice Lyn is a visual artist, documentary, and sports photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She developed her passion for photography while obtaining her professional architectural degree at UCSI University and was named a prominent alumnus for her work. She founded Anntopia in 2015 as a platform to further her creative pursuits in authentic portraits, weddings, and designs. Annice Lyn is the co-founder of Women Photographers Malaysia, a community of empowered women who break barriers, where ideas can be nurtured and support can be given in pursuit of their passion through photography.


As a former national figure skater, she seeks to visually document winter sports with great intentions to raise the ice-skating community's visibility in a tropical equatorial country. The first and only female photographer based in Malaysia to be accredited for the XXIII Olympic Winter Games (PyeongChang 2018), her photography work has been featured on Samsung #DoWhatYouCant campaign & been picked up by Forbes, Getty Images, Associated Press, AFP, the Washington Post, USA Today, The Guardian, Olympic NBC Sports, Malaysia Tatler and various news online and publishing platforms.

Annice covered the Malaysia General Election in 2018, strung for the Associated Press in 2019 covering news and sports, and signed with Getty Images as their contractor and contributor. She often shares her philosophy in photography through public speaking engagements and workshops training. She is currently a shortlisted candidate for Women of the Future Awards Southeast Asia 2020 and appointed as Canon Malaysia EOS Youth Ambassador with a commitment to cultivate and nurture a new generation of young photographers. Among all her achievements, Annice is a finalist for photo creator of the Year 2018 & a Photomania seminar speaker at the 2018 & 2019 Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival. 


When Annice is not taking photos, she enjoys a good read, coffee, and scrumptious bites of a molten lava cake. She is passionate about championing gender equality and she's available for assignments worldwide, project commissions, workshops training, speaking engagements & good conversations. 

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