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Stories of the Resilience 

‘Faces of the Heartlands’ is a series in the making of environmental portraits, stories focus on tradesmen and proprietors of old skilled trades and crafts that may well not survive the next generation in Malaysia.

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Artist statement:


Time is an inescapable presence, and change is constant.


Through the years, the metropolitan region of Kuala Lumpur has evolved in the realm of technological advancements and entrepreneurial deploys which has predominantly influenced the demographic cohort of millennials as a new generation emerges. With increasing consumerism and multinationals taking over inner-city areas, this has fuelled the demise of long-established businesses.


Oftentimes, we don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone. We tend to take the familiar right turn home or walk past shops during our weekly errands, unaware of our surroundings or what is in front of us. This collective documentation of environmental portraits explores the stories of a few urban business tenants and their resilience to change, surviving recessions, and persevered through the decades spanning generations.


Many of them are concerned for the young generation and to some; their own children who would not consider taking over the businesses despite genuine efforts to preserve their traditional practices. This has caused a significant impact on these businesses, as the tenants would have to come to terms soon to put an end to their years of assiduous efforts.

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