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Commissioned Work by Barehands Singapore

Stories of the Resilience 

‘When we have each other, we have everything.’ - Mr. JS 


At the tender age of 11, Mr. JS (father) fled Afghanistan after his father passed away along with death threats bestowed onto this family. As he embarked on a new life in Iran, he manages to sustain his livelihood as a tailor, fell in love, and start a family. History repeats itself when Mr. JS’s youngest son (left) turned 2 months old 5 years ago when he and his family took another turning point in life as they fled Iran when they were threatened by the authorities. 


As they reside and call Malaysia their current home as United Nations (UN) Refugees, through it all Mr. JS’s hope remained constant - to provide for his family and their basic needs. “I have many hopes and dreams... but out of the many I try to be a good father for my children and a good husband for my wife. & this will not be possible, except with effort. My biggest hope is for my children - for them to be on the right path, with good education, and to lead a good life. We don't need a lot, as we are contented... When we have each other, we have everything.“ - Mr. JS

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